Ohio Rep: Those Shot by Police are "Punks"

Ohio Rep. John Becker, a Republican representing Clermont County, today in a newsletter to constituents said that he's fed up with police being blamed for officer-involved shootings of minors.

"'I've about had it with all of the finger pointing at law enforcement officers after shooting a punk i

Becker's Democrat opponent in the November election, Patricia Lawrence, seized on the comments today.

"Every American has a right to a fair trial and due process under the law," she wrote in a statement. "John Becker's comments show not only a lack of respect for the US constitution, but a lack of respect for human life. No human being deserves to die on the street without a chance to defend their actions. And no human being has the power to decide in a chaotic moment that an alleged crime is punishable by death."Police shootings are sometimes necessary to save lives or prevent violence, but they are always a tragedy, and must always be a last resort."

n self-defense," Becker writes in his monthly "Becker Report," listing off hypothetical situations and objections to his point of view before seeming to zero in on a recent incident in which Cincinnati Police tased an 11-year-old girl who had stolen chips and soda from a local Kroger.  

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